Run your business for less

Union Energía applies the right mix of solar and cogeneration solutions – with financing – to meet the business and sustainability objectives of multi-facility industrial and commercial organizations. We are a Clean Energy Portfolio Solutions company focused on delivering the most efficient, cost effective integrated energy offer that include:


Solar Energy

Solar power saves money. It’s good for the environment. It provides social and economic benefits on both a local and national scale. And, with Union Energía’s innovative services and expertise, these benefits can be achieved with no investment or in-house resources from the client.
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Cogeneration or Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
Trigeneration or Combined Heat, Power and Cooling (CHPC)

In conventional power generation, much of the fuel energy value is wasted and significant amounts of electricity are lost in the transmission and distribution of the power.
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Multi-technology Solutions

Union Energía are able to work with our clients to design the right technology solution to meet their energy requirements whilst also meeting their sustainable targets and raising their green profile.
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Financing Solutions


Union Energía together with our finance partners are able to offer a full suite of flexible finance offerings that enable customers to realize their energy cost reduction goals quickly, even when faced with restricted capital budgets. Providing our clients with the benefits of energy efficiency, without impacting your balance sheet.
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Energy Management Services


Interactive monitoring is a great way to communicate your ‘green’ mission to people via lobby monitors or on your website. We have the ability to provide a monitoring solution that creates a strong visual statement and can educate and interact with your guests.
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Energy Efficiency


Union Energía’s offer energy efficiency solutions to the commercial and industrial sectors, saving money for businesses by lowering energy costs that go right to the bottom line.
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