Solar Solutions

Lower Your Electricity bills with minimal investment or in-house resources

Solar power saves money. It’s good for the environment. It provides social and economic benefits on both a local and national scale. And, with Union Energía’s innovative services and expertise, these benefits can be achieved with minimal investment or in-house resources.
Union Energía can provide the right solar solution for your business’ needs under a long term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), solar lease option or debt financing solutions.

Union Energía offer the most competitive PPA solutions together with efficient and proven solar energy lease options. We also work with a number of institutional financing groups who are able to provide tailored debt solutions as an alternative to outlaying upfront capital for a solar solution.


  • Cut operating costs and hedge against rising utility expenses
  • Secure utility rates below-the-grid price and forecast energy costs for 20 years
  • Obtain Green marketing opportunities

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Free Evaluation

Our Free Energy Evaluation can help you:

  • Qualify your property to determine if it is right for Roof Top Solar or a Cogeneration Solution.
  • Our free evaluation is confidential with no obligation.

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