Multi-Technology Solutions

In Union there is strength

Union Energía are able to work with our clients to design the right technology solution to meet their energy requirements whilst also meeting their sustainable targets and raising their green profile.
[col-lg-8 col-md-8 col-sm-8] Our multi-technology solutions ensure you receive the optimum onsite power generation solution with no compromise. And through a Union Energía Power Purchase Agreement which combines both energy from solar and cogeneration you are able to maximize your company’s green capabilities whilst optimizing the efficiency of your onsite energy production. Union Energía can fund and own the entire project, or provide a structured custom financing solution to meet your needs.

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Free Evaluation

Our Free Energy Evaluation can help you:

  • Qualify your property to determine if it is right for Roof Top Solar or a Cogeneration Solution.
  • Our free evaluation is confidential with no obligation.

Get in touch today for a free evaluation

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