Financing Solutions

Reduce your energy bills quickly

Union Energía together with our finance partners are able to offer a full suite of flexible finance offerings that enable customers to realize their energy cost reduction goals quickly, even when faced with restricted capital budgets. Providing our clients with the benefits of energy efficiency, without impacting their balance sheet.
Union Energía develops, engineers, constructs, owns, operates, and manages the cogeneration plant or solar installation at your facility.
Union Energía then sells the electricity (and thermal energy for cogeneration solutions) from this plant back to you under long term contract at prices designed to be lower than the utility rates.

With a Union Energía Power Purchase Agreement, you are able to implement and recognize significant savings from your sustainable onsite energy generation solution, while avoiding the large capital investment, human resource requirements and daily management of the facility.

Additionally, you gain a more reliable and predictable source of energy, which results in better management of the production process.

In addition to a Union Energía Power Purchase Agreement, we are also able to provide alternative financing solutions including;

  • Energy Efficiency Leasing – Achieve energy savings without capital outlay
  • Shared Savings Agreement – Remove the capital barriers to greater energy efficiency and profitability

Energy Efficiency Leasing

Union Energía are able to provide lease financing packages for many of the energy projects we install, offering both operating and capital lease structures.

We work closely with you to size the payment streams to be lower than the total savings realized from the new project, providing savings benefits immediately. Depending on the type of asset, the project will either transfer directly or be sold at fair market value at the end of the lease term.

Shared Savings Agreement

Union Energìa are able to enter into a Shared Savings Agreement which enables you to move beyond those barriers so you can implement your energy efficiency projects and start generating immediate energy savings with no up-front investment.

Under the Shared Savings Agreement:

  • Union Energía designs, develops, engineers and finances a series of projects within a facility. We bundle those projects together within one special-purpose vehicle.
  • Union Energía performs ongoing monitoring and verification of the projects’ savings, which are then split between you and Union Energía.
  • You pay Union Energía a percentage of the verified savings representing Union Energía’s share of the split and retain the option to purchase the projects at any time throughout the term.

With a Union Energía Shared Savings Agreement:

  • Projects are implemented faster and you achieve your target energy efficiency savings
  • You are able to off-balance-sheet finance the entire retrofit over a 4 to 10 year contract
  • You do not need to provide an up-front investment

Innovative Financing

Union Energía have the financing to fit your needs including programs with no upfront cost. We can review all options and find what works best for you.

Sustainable Energy Solution PPA$0
No upfront cost to you
  • Pay for energy produced on-site
  • ”Host” for a fixed term
Sustainable Energy Solution Lease$0
No upfront cost to you
  • Fixed Monthly Payments
  • ”Host” for a fixed term
  • Keep system overproduction at no additional cost
Purchase Your Solar SystemPay for your solar system upfront
  • No Monthly Payment
  • Own for 30+ years

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