Energy Efficiency

Cut your electricity bills with cutting-edge lighting technology

Union Energía offer energy efficiency solutions to the commercial and industrial sectors, saving money for businesses by lowering energy costs that go right to the bottom line.
We conduct integrated audits that evaluate commercial and industrial facilities for energy demand reduction and efficiency. We implement commercial lighting audit and retro fit programs, including the usage of LED technology. We make continuous energy improvement recommendations, including an evaluation of common areas, HVAC compressed air utility solutions and commercial plug load programs.

We can begin to immediately impact on your energy usage by making simple changes in your businesses. Our technical partners are equipped to directly install energy efficient products, like programmable thermostats, compact florescent light bulbs, water-saving faucet aerators and pipe wrap for water heaters.

Union Energía can help you install the newest, cost saving, energy efficient lighting technologies in your office, plant or warehouse. We will include daylight harvesting and occupancy controls in our proposals where they make sense and we work with all the latest lighting technologies including induction and LEDs. 

Union Energía can help you to save between 6 and 25% on your monthly electricity bills. This is achieved by treating your whole facility with advanced technologies that significantly reduce distribution losses in your actual electrical energy system.

The savings system is designed specifically for your plant, store or office, based on its own characteristics and electrical energy consumption, to maximize savings.
An Electrical Energy Savings System from Union Energía is your passport to monthly electrical energy reduction.
The Electrical Energy Savings System sold by Union Energía are well suited to any type of facility and have achieved very good results in terms of savings in light and heavy manufacturing facilities, hospitals, schools, office buildings, supermarkets etc.

The size and complexity of your installations does not matter. Union Energía will arrange an audit free of charge to define the minimum percentage savings that can be achieved in your plant. This process includes a complete analysis of your energy consumption bills.
Later a complete and detailed study will be made of the plant or facilities and a comprehensive report will be issued. This will contain details of all electrical loads on the premises. From this study, Union Energía will design a system with the right combination of technologies that will give the best possible percentage of savings.

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