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Cogeneration or combined heat and Power (CHP)
Trigeneration or combined heat, power and cooling (CHPC)
[col-lg-8 col-md-8 col-sm-8] In conventional power generation, much of the fuel energy value is wasted and significant amounts of electricity are lost in the transmission and distribution of the power. With a Union Energía cogeneration solution, a natural gas turbine or reciprocating engine, located at your facility which is used to turn a generator. Waste heat is recovered and beneficially used in the customer’s facility to generate steam, hot water or chilled water. 

By recovering the waste heat from the engine or turbine, a CHP system uses more than 80% of the fuel energy value. This is a significant improvement over the typical 51% fuel efficiency realized with conventional grid supplied electricity coupled with on-site boilers.

The dramatically improved fuel efficiency of a Union Energía cogeneration onsite power solution drives a number of benefits:

  • Immediate energy cost savings
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • A hedge against future energy price inflation
  • Enhanced reliability over existing network
  • Sustainable energy solution under Mexican law

Facilities that have a need for thermal energy, in the form of heating and/or cooling, are good candidates for a cogeneration system. Union Energía cogeneration solutions can provide Electricity, Cooling, Heating, Hot water or Steam.

Union Energía together with Elecnor and Idom are able to select the technology and equipment that will best suit our clients’ application. Customized solutions are developed to prioritize and maximize benefits for each individual client.

Union Energía can provide onsite CHP solutions for your business’ needs under a long term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), solar lease option or debt financing solutions.

To understand more about Union Energía Power Purchase Agreements or alternative financing solutions click here.

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