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Immense possibilities for sustainable growth

With over 17 years experience in commercial real estate and more than 7 years experience in Mexico’s renewable energy sector it’s no surprise that Union Energía are developing some fantastic sustainable energy solutions for our commercial clients in Mexico. Union Energía have partnered with some of the worlds leading EPC contractors and some of the largest institutional investment funds to provide our clients with Bespoke Turnkey Sustainable Energy Solutions.

Who Are We?

Union Energía continues to grow providing competitive decentralized sustainable and clean energy solutions for businesses and governments throughout Mexico.

What Do We Do?

Union Energía develops sustainable clean power projects that produce electricity in a manner that is environmentally and economically sound. Union Energía applies its pioneering experience to all aspects of project development, from project inception through completion of construction and operations.

Our Vision

To occupy a leading market position in the development of decentralized sustainable energy solutions for commercial applications throughout Mexico.

Our Core Principles

Union Energía has a firm set of organizational values that encompass everything we do: Sustainability : Integrity : Excellence : Customers

We positively promote these values in our activities and places of work to create and sustain a competitive advantage and strengthen ourselves day by day, therefore meeting and exceeding the current and future demands placed upon us as we work with our customers and suppliers, engaging employees and forging new partnerships.


Sustainability is the key driver behind each and every energy solution we deliver and is also an integral part of our strategy, brand and innovation.


Integrity is one of the building blocks of our business. Our relationship with all our stakeholders is based on trust, honesty and transparency. We consequently hold our staff and our business partners to the highest integrity standards.


We seek excellence in everything we do.


We strive not just to meet the expectations of our customers, but to exceed them.

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Why change to solar or co-generation…

  • Commercial Solar Will Never Be The Same – With electricity prices rising, companies are increasingly looking at installing solar PV as a great way of reducing energy bills and cutting carbon emissions.
  • Is Co-Generation, or Combined Heat and Power (CHP), in Your HVAC Future? – Chances are you’ll be hearing a lot about cogeneration for HVAC use in the years ahead. Cogeneration represents one of the most effective approaches to energy conservation, because it produces two types of energy at once – electric power and thermal energy.
  • Industrial facilities that require heat or steam for processes were early adopters of cogeneration. More recently, owners and managers of commercial buildings have also discovered that cogeneration can be a cost-effective source of reliable energy as well as heating and cooling, which is the single highest operating expense in a typical building.
  • CHP is becoming an attractive option to more industries thanks to improved technologies that are more efficient, more reliable and cheaper to maintain than ever before. Integrated CHP systems can increase a building’s overall energy efficiency by 30 to 40 percent. CHP can use a variety of fuels, both fossil – and renewable-based. Because of its efficiency, CHP reduces emissions and improves overall air quality even when powered by fossil-based fuels.
  • On-site electricity production also reduces the risk of power outages, and minimizes the extra cost charged by utilities for electricity during peak-use periods.